Due 10.5 Lonely Planet Reading Response

What makes this a successful example of the travel photo essay genre? What elements of language, what kinds of evidence, and what forms of rhetorical appeals make the captions interesting and compelling? What kinds of images seem to work well in this genre? (100-200 words)


One thought on “Due 10.5 Lonely Planet Reading Response”

  1. This is a strong example of a travel photo essay because it includes excellent photos that correlate with what is written next to them. It includes ethos as it shows credibility when it says things like “Follow this expert advice on what not to do in Chicago”. Including the word expert lets the reader feel like there is an experienced person leading them through this. The writer also gives a lot of alternatives in his writing. For example when he says instead of going to the sky deck tourists could go to the Hancock and they will get practically the same view. Images of various locations in the city that he talks about work very well in this piece. Whenever he captions a picture it is included next to it so the reader sees exactly what the writer is talking about.


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