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Due 10.22: Tentative sources for WP3

Based on your tentative idea for your course proposal, and using the researching search skills we practiced in class last week, search available databases (UIC library, UIC library’s research and subject guides; Google scholar, etc.) for books and articles that you think might work as suggested readings for your independent course proposal. They should be highly relevant to your subject, and also important/highly regarded among all texts written on similar topics.

Then, using the OWL Purdue guide to MLA format, format your findings in complete, correct MLA format. Include at least 2 full books and at least two journal articles.

Post your MLA citations here as a comment, along with a short explanation of your idea for the course proposal.


Due 12.3 – Final Writing Response

Think back over the various writing skills you have learned, honed, practiced, and improved over the past semester. As you get ready to enter ENGL 161, think carefully about what aspects of your writing you know that you still need to work on. Using specific examples, discuss elements of grammar, punctuation, spelling, research, organization, argumentation, etc. that you plan to tackle in 161.

(100-200 words)

Due 11.24 – Cover Letter readings + response

Due 11.7: UIC photo essays

Please read this photo essay on UIC’s brutalist architecture:

While reading, please define 5 terms and 5 cultural references with which you are unfamiliar.

Then, read the intro to the following walking tour, and pick one other landmark or building to read about: UIC online walking tour:

Please summarize the page you chose to read in a few sentences.

Due 11.5 Fodor’s Reading Response

Please read the following photo essay (click on “more” to expand each caption):

What makes this a successful example of the photo essay genre? What use  of language, types of evidence, and kinds of rhetorical appeals are used to advantage in this genre? What kinds of images seem particularly effective here? (100-200 words)