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Top 7 Tourist Sites to See in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

[Image rights: James Willamor (CC BY-SA)]

Old San Juan, founded in 1521, is one of the only places in Puerto Rico where the history comes back to life. This city is just like a blast to the past even to this day. In Old San Juan there are still cobble stone streets and brightly colored buildings all around. The streets of Old San Juan are beautiful to roam and explore. It’s a perfect place to get souvenirs, shop around and eat authentic Puerto Rican food. Some of the best restaurants are located in Old San Juan. Based on tripadvisor.com many have voted Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar as the #1 restaurant to go to while in Old San Juan. It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance. The city of Old San Juan is a very popular tourists spot. It is one of the only places where just around the corner there are many museums, cathedrals, monumental buildings and magnificent forts all in one place. Some these places would include: Museo de San Juan, Museo del Mar, El Arsenal, Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, El Capitolio and, El Morro.

El Morro


[Image rights: vlasta2 (CC BY-NC-ND)]
El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, also known as simply El Morro, is one of the most famous forts in Puerto Rico. Located in Old San Juan, this fortress was built in 1539 and was originally used to protect Puerto Rico from invading colonies from sea attacks. With the walls being 18 feet thick and rising 140 feet above the sea, El Morro is one of Puerto Rico’s only forts that are used to show off the remarkable history from within. This building has been around for 500 years and has only fallen once, El Morro was a very strong and intimidating fort to its enemies and this is why it is such a magnificent fort. This fortress has some of the best views of the city in Puerto Rico and is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Old San Juan.

Flamenco beach Culebra


[Image rights: Rana Banerjee (CC BY-NC-SA0]
Flamenco beach in Culebra Island is located approximately 17 miles from the mainland San Juan, Puerto Rico. With white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water, Culebra is one of the best places to visit for a beautiful and relaxing day at the beach. Culebra also has plenty of wildlife one-third of the island is populated with gulls, pelicans, exotic fish and endangered turtles. The endangered turtles include the Atlantic green turtle, Leatherback turtle and the Atlantic Loggerhead turtle. The people of Culebra highly demand respect for these animals and the surrounding areas. Culebra allows visitors to go snorkeling, kayaking, swimming with the sea turtles and on a tour around the island. The island of Culebra is such a peaceful paradise to visit.

Mosquito Bay


[Image rights: Yolanda Evans (CC BY)]
When traveling to Puerto Rico most definitely stop by to visit Vieques Mosquito Bay. This is where millions of tiny living organisms called luminescent dinoflagellates live in the Caribbean Sea and make the whole entire beach light up with bioluminescent lights. Most people say that this is a fascinating beach to go see and it is one of the brightest bio bays on the island. Although you cannot go swimming in the waters when the beach is lit up, an alternative would be to go kayaking instead. This bay isn’t your typical beach at all. It is a very magical place to witness it’s not every day where you get to see a bioluminescent beach. The best time to go is at night because that gives you the opportunity to really see what this beach has to offer.

Bacardi Factory


[Image rights: Ben Alman (CC BY-NC-ND)]
Another great attraction to stop and see is the Bacardi Rum Factory. This factory was built 1862 and is approximately 20 minutes away from the capital of San Juan by car. When taking the Bacardi Factory tour there is an option of taking a self-tour $12 and a tour with a tour guide $40 (hours Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday at 10am-5pm) The Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico is one of the world’s largest rum distilleries. This factory also includes a fabulous bar at the end of the tour with signature drinks like mojitos and coquitos and rum ritas.

El Yunque National Rainforest


[Image rights: Jeff Gunn (CC BY)]
Traveling about 45 minutes by car out of San Juan, the next stop is El Yunque National Rainforest. El Yunque has magnificent mile long hikes that go deep in to the rainforest. The ultimate reason for hiking is to reach the beautiful grand waterfalls. Some of the trails are easy others are way harder. It just depends on preference and how much a person likes to hike. While going on the trail of choice there is also an option to have a guide. This guide will help take a group of people through the hikes with the best scenic routes. This gives tourists a chance to really explore the rainforest and get to the breath taking waterfalls. A tip for when going to El Yunque would be to plan ahead and plan accordingly. It rains quite frequently and for safety’s sake beware of flash floods.

Rio Camuy Caves Park


[Image rights: Brian Negin (CC BY-NC-ND)]
Heading further in to Puerto Rico, Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy or the caves of Camuy are a very magnificent and beautiful place to see. The caves of Camuy are large natural limestone caves and underground water ways. A tour guide that will escort the tourists the whole way though the caves. The hours for this excursion are Wednesday- Sunday 8:30 am until 3:45 pm. First, the tour guides accommodate everyone in huge hiking trucks to drive to the cave openings. Next, is to take a hike down to the actual caves on an awesome adventurous trail. Then, once all the hiking is done there is a part of the caves where you can finally see the underground waterways. The caves of Camuy are a once in a life time experience and it’s the best for pictures of exotic structures and a peaceful place to explore.

Jumping Cities: Where to Land and What to Do In the Philippines

The Sunshine State: Who goes where


[CC BY-AS 2.0] Kim Seng

All year round numerous of tourists are searching for a nice sunny vacation. Top of the list is Florida. Florida is known mainly for its warm welcoming beaches, over towering palm trees, and chillaxed locals. Around these active beaches are multiple hotels, restaurants, and fun activities in the sun. Florida does have its occasional elderly person lying around. For better understanding of which beach is more suited for specific types of vacation. Florida could be the relaxation destination, party city, or/and a family friend zone.


West Palm Beach is a smaller family oriented beach. It is located on one Florida’s multiple islands. You can find homes of the rich and some famous residents on this island such as Donald Trump. Most of them don’t come down until the wintertime. Drive by the houses and see the beautiful architecture of these beach houses. Along side the beach are several small food establishments: Benny’s on the Beach ($), John G’s ($$), and Mamma Mia’s Pizzeria on the beach ($) and more. On the beach and beyond is William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier ($). Give salt water fishing a try and be amazed by the sites out on the pier.


Over the high bridge on Lake Avenue are more attractions and restaurants. With the intense heat most locals visit Kilwin’s for great ice cream. When cooled off splurge in the Island Water Sports store. Buy a surfboard and hit the shore. Pizza on a beach day in Florida is common. Downtown Pizza ($) on Lake Avenue has some of the cheesiest deliciousness all stuffed on top of a single large pizza slice. Besides food and shops, over the bridge has a large stage space outdoors where many concerts and festivals are held. Imagine visiting during the gay pride festival with bright rainbow flags flaring in the air, over exaggerated costumes, outrageous pieces of artwork, and friendly faces. The Reggae Festival also resides here. Come listen to some of Jamaica’s classic and popular reggae artist’s songs and march the streets with a Jamaican hat that has dreads on your head, Jamaican flag in on hand and Jamaican beef patty in the other. Watch the colors of yellow, green, black, and red fly around.


(CC BY-AS 3.0) Donnamper

Warm smiles and hot bodies, mothers and fathers, tourists and locals they all come to Fort Lauderdale beach. Fort Lauderdale beach is very versatile locations. It offers many activities for different people. Be prepared, Thursday through Sunday this long beach is packed. Many locals come to this beach with their huge coolers and loud stereos. Further down the beach you’ll enjoy the site of dogs running around and playing in the water. Not all of Fort Lauderdale Beach allows dogs. Come meet new folks and swim with the fishes that wander around in schools near the shore. Any one can drive along A1A, also known as S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd to get here. “There are 76 public beach access points in the “wave wall” form Fort Lauderdale Beach Park to Oakland park” (visitflorida.com).


(CC BY-AS 3.0) Xanxz

Fort Lauderdale beach is located on Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard. The beach will be on your right and restaurants and bars on your left. Parking is inexpensive, yet hard to find if you show up to late on the weekend. When you visit, Fort Lauderdale beach can create two different feels for a vacation, either relaxing and calming or adventurous and thrilling. You can spend the morning eating on your porch at the Courtyard hotel or perhaps the Hilton Resort with an amazing 360 view, then go tanning for the rest of the afternoon in a nice secluded space and eventually end the day with drunks as the notorious Sky Thai Sushi restaurant or Tsukuro Oceanside grill serving Pan-Asian eats. On the other hand you can be on a banana boat holding on with all your might and splashing in the ocean, speed boating, or jet skiing on the waters for the entire day. In between breaks you can grab a quick slice of pizza or frozen yogurt, then go back at it again. At night hit up the bar that sits on the corner of the street that plays live rock music, or wonder the side walk of restaurants with some of the craziest people you’ll ever meet. * Doesn’t really have anything to do with why people should go there.


(CC-BY-AS 3.0) Matt H. Wade

South Miami Beach is what you see about. You are capturing a glimpse of it from way back by about 5th street. South Miami Beach is commonly called South Beach. South Beach has a large gay community, top fashion stores, and some of the hotels you’ll ever stay in. If you ever wanted to go to a nudist beach you can say South Beach comes close. Coming from experience spending day after day on this beach, I had a couple encounters sitting next to a couple of woman topless trying to get there tan on. If you never come across top-less girls, then you’ll certainly see a man in a speedo. Most of these men are foreigners. South Beach welcomes all cultures; many tourists who stop by are usually from the other side of the world. I used to work on South Beach and had various conversations with folk from Europe, Asia, and Australia.


(CC BY-AS 3.0) World redeye (Story Nightclub)

If you thought of coming to South Beach for a relaxing vacation, think again. Enjoy the multiple high-end nightclubs all along Ocean Avenue and Washington Avenue. Visit Mansion Nightclub on Washington Avenue and 13th street. Tons of popular artists DJ and perform their every other weekend. Once the sun goes down the heels come on. There are multiple restaurants open until 3 am because of all the clubs open at night. Try Insomnia Cookies right next door, they have the ultimate cookies and open until 3 am. The cookies just melt in your mouth and become a wonderland of sweet flavor. Down for a long night of drinking go club hoping. You can visit Cameo (rap and R&B), Set (mix of genres), Eleven (more electro) and more.

Take a Resting Break in Korea!

GyeongBok Palace


[Image rights: Sébastien Bertrand, CC BY 2.0]

In the city of Seoul, South Korea, there exists a palace known as the Gyeongbok Palace. It was built in 1395, and it is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful palaces among its counterparts such as ChangDeok palace (east) and GyeongHee palace (west). Another name for GyeongBok palace is “the northern palace” because it is the furthest to the north. Although much of the palace was burned down during the ImJinWaeRan war against Japan, it is still intact and was rebuilt as well.



Korean Folk Village

 2 23  2524

[Image rights: Wwian, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]  and  [Image Rights: MCWNIMC U.S. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Korean Folk Village is located in GyeongGi-do [2 hours south of Gyeongbok palace] and has many traditional Korean structures that exemplify the architecture during the Joseon Dynasty. This village also consists of many actors and actresses playing their roles to make the past seem more like a reality. Actors acting as horseback riders, marriages, restaurants, shops, seesaw jumping, tightrope walking, and much more are displayed. The environment of the Korean Folk village will give a sense of what it really feels like to live in the past. Sometimes, there are actors pretending to be beggars asking for food from visitors to the village. Additionally, some actresses will pretend to be a nine-tailed fox (the nine-tailed fox was seen as a spiritual figure that attracts men and takes their kidneys in the old times).

NamSan Mountain


[Image rights: Doug Letterman, CC BY 2.0]

NamSan Mountain is located two hours south of Korean Folk village. The bright green mountain provides a different perspective on the massive city of Seoul. Many of the roadways on the mountain are constructed for convenience. Moreover, this mountain contains many shrines and temples from the Silla dynasty (53 B.C. – AD 935). So, while hiking up the mountain for fresh air, it is convenient to get a glance at the structures that were created nearly two thousand years ago.


HanCook restaurant


[Image rights: Diatherman, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

Loved by many locals and foreigners, HanCook restaurant is renowned for their 30 different types of Korean buffet. The designs of the restaurant are modern but the foods that are served are traditional. This blend creates an intriguing atmosphere for even authentic Koreans.  Moreover, because this restaurant is located in the upper level of the Seoul Tower on NamSan Mountain, you will be able to enjoy the view of the major city of Seoul right beneath your eyes.

Myeong-Dong district


[Image Rights: Col Ford and Natasha de Vere, CC BY 2.0]

Myeong-Dong district is located at the heart of the capital of Korea, Seoul. This district is, also, one of the greatest shopping malls according to my friends and family in Korea. Myeong-Dong consists of a great number of shops that one can’t imagine. Back when I was in Korea eating at a restaurant on the third floor, it wasn’t easy to see even a tile on the ground floor. Additionally, festivals and concerts by rising singers are held in the streets of this district as well.

Spicy and Sweet Fried Chicken


[Image rights: KiYong Ahn, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

Here we are, commonly referred by authentic Koreans as the “Chicken god” because of its mysteriously powerful flavor of addiction. This spicy and sweet fried chicken holds a very high title in the diet of Koreans, because the mingled flavors of the seasoning of sweet and spicy pepper paste makes it so delicious. Moreover, many prefer to eat fried chicken with what they call “somek”, derived from the mix of two words: “soju” (Korean alcohol) and “mekju” (Beer). Somek, as my family describes it, is easier to swallow and softer than the individual alcohols alone. Not surprisingly, since many Koreans love this, a chicken shop would be easily spotted in order to grab a bite.

HaeUnDae Beach


[Image rights: Cecil Lee, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

HaeUnDae beach, located in Busan, is referred to as the number one beach in the nation for its good environment and for holding many festivals and ceremonies. Moreover, there is a folk square for many different games for the community to enjoy such as: neoldduigi (seesaw jumping), Korean wrestling (similar to sumo wrestling), tug-of-war, and yutnori (a traditional Korean game). HaeUnDae beach also provides a free mat for the sand on the beach shore. The best times for this beach would be the month of June to August.

Carribean Bay (Water Park)


[Image rights: JOOBBY, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] and [Image rights: WhiteWaterWest]

Caribbean Bay, approximately 2 hours and thirty minutes south of Seoul, is Korea’s largest water park and it is visited by many of my family members that currently live in Korea. During the summer time, Caribbean bay opens up the outside waterpark and it is simply just massive. They have upgraded this waterpark since I went nearly 10 years ago (when it first opened). Moreover, the waterpark is more than what it seems like: there are relax rooms for adults that consist of massage capsules and 10 jade beds, a miracle spa, and many different saunas. The wave pools can reach waves of up to 2.4 meters. People around me have talked about it ever since about how it is the “perfect waterpark”. Surprisingly, though, 90% of the swimmers keep their shirts on when they swim; it is just the way Koreans view shirtless as immoral.

A Day on the Vacation Strip: Cancun, Mexico